måndag 22 januari 2007

Krisen i Burma "in reality is..."

Forra veckan skrev jag om arets ASEAN Summit (har). Jag skrev att ASEAN bestamt sig for att problemen i Burma var interna problem, som Burmas junta kan losa med hjalp av ASEAN. Det later ju inte helt galet, juntan ska losa krisen med hjalp av ASEAN. Men vilken kris ar det juntan vill losa? Hur ser de pa problemet med till exempel flyktingar (det flyr uppskattningsvis 300 manniskor fran Burma varje dag)?

KNU, som jag tidigare skrivit om har och har, ar en nagel i ogat pa juntan, precis som massflykten fran Karenstaten (Kayinstaten pa juntans vis) och alla rapporter som vittnar om brott mot manskliga rattigheter och folkmord dar. Att det ar en krissituation i Karenstaten kan inte ens juntan forneka. Men hur vill de, med stod av ASEAN, losa krisen (och hur forklarar de den)?

Har nedan foljer ett utdrag fran statligt kontrollerade MyanmarTV3s hemsida. Overskriftten ar "KNU in reality is...". Ni kan lasa hela artikeln har. Tatmandaw ar for i ovrigt smeknamnet pa juntans arme.

"It was in the news report on the local and foreign journalists’ tour of the areas where local nationalities were suffering from robberies, arsons and land mines of the KNU and the article “Regional development as witnessed by an expedition” presented in two parts in the dailies that I have read about peace, security and the rule of law in Southern Command area in Bago Division, and the victims who had to flee their homes to escape KNU atrocities resulting from power struggles within the insurgents.

In its noticeable conclusion reads the article “Journalists will have to join hands with the government, the Tatmadaw and the people to end KNU’s destructive misdeeds in order to achieve “Peace, prosperity and progress” the people desire.”

...At Thabyenyunt Village during the expedition on 13 May 2006, the Minister for Information said, “All the incidents are the results of the well-planned underground plots of the KNU terrorist insurgents and their foreign masters [folk fran vast,"neokolonialister", min anmarkning], and the aboveground schemes from inside and outside the country to attack Myanmar... . And hen the Tatmadaw takes actions against the KNU, the perpetrators in accord with their pre-orchestrated plots will start to cry “The Tatmadaw’s attacks have relocated villages and driven out villagers as refugees” with the intention of misleading the world into having a wrong view on Myanmar. Then they will try to highlight the so-called refugee problem, which in reality is their own baby, saying that the problem jeopardizes regional security. Their ultimate aim is to submit the matter concerning the Myanmar affairs to the UN if their well-planned conspiracy succeeds in puzzling the international community.”

...Even though those quarters too heard and saw like us the voices of the victims of KNU arson and mines saying whether they would have to face the KNU atrocities till posterity, they are still trying to ignore the villagers’ sufferings. We are astonished to witness that their stance is against the truth and their news stories are lopsided ones, saying, “Stop the offensive against the KNU!Please don’t force Kayins to flee their homes as refugees.”

What the alien masters [ocksa neokolonialisterna, dvs alla vasterlanningar som inte diggar juntan, min anmarkning] and their minions and destructive cohorts like to say is, “Death and destruction caused by KNU bombs are not a serious case.”"

Behover jag ens saga att det ar sa mycket logn att det ar lojligt? Obehagligt orwellianskt.

Sa ASEAN... Ni ska losa krisen i Burma ihop med juntan. Lycka till, det kommer sakert ga jattebra! (For att lasa mer om karenfolket och situationen i Karenstaten, kolla
Raul Urrutias blogg)

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